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The WMA GmbH is home to more than 40 medical associations (totalling more than 12.000 members) and has been successfully organising several thousand meetings and conferences of all sizes all over Europe for more than 120 years.

We have our own definition of profit!

The WMA GmbH is a full subsidiary of the Vienna Medical Academy, a non-profit organisation whose defined purpose is the facilitation of postgraduate medical education. This allows us to really focus on the scientific and educational objectives of our clients.

Size matters!

The WMA GmbH is not a large multi-national enterprise. Thus it allows us to be flexible, dedicated and personally committed and to offer tailor-made solutions for all projects on which we work.

Having been reliable congress organisers for decades, we are able to meet any requirements for the organisation of your event.



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We are probably the oldest professional conference organiser and association management company in the world.


Established as the "Course Office for Postgraduate Medical Education" in 1896, the Vienna Medical Academy was officially founded 1924 by Julius Wagner-Jauregg, subsequently a Nobel Laureate. Since then it has organized courses and, seminars as well as congresses, and it serves medical societies as their administrative office. In 1997 the WMA GmbH was founded as a full subsidiary of the Vienna Medical Academy.  

The VMA is situated on the New University Campus. The construction of the historical building in which the VMA is accommodated  was started in 1693 under the Austrian Emperor Leopold I and, after his death, continued by Empress Maria Theresia's eldest son, Emperor Joseph II.

Up to the year 1992 all University clinics were located on this campus. It is on these premises that the roots of the famous "Wiener Medizinische Schule" are to be found. Professors of medicine such as, Hyrtl, Semmelweis, Rokitansky, Hebra, Billroth, Koller, Escherich, Wertheim, Pirquet, Landsteiner, Wagner-Jauregg, Knaus - to name only a few - worked and taught at these clinics.

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